Fluorosis is a public health problem is caused by excess intake of Fluoride through drinking water/ food products / industrial emission over a long period. It results in major Health disorders like dental Fluorosis, Skeletal fluorosis and non-skeletal fluorosis. The late stages of skeletal and dental fluorosis effects being permanent and irreversible in nature are detrimental to the health of an individual and the community, which in turn has adverse effects on growth development & economy of the Country.


There is no treatment for severe cases of skeletal fluorosis, only efforts can be made towards reducing the disability which has occurred. However the disease is easily preventable if diagnosed early and steps are taken to prevent intake of excess of fluorosis through provision of safe drinking water, promote nutrition and avoid foods with high fluoride content.


The desirable limit of fluoride as per Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) is 1 ppm (1mg/lt) > Fluoride may be kept as low as possible as high fluoride is injurious to health.


High levels of fluoride were reported in Purulia District (MDWS) 17 Blocks accepted 20 Blocks. The population at risk as per population in habitation with high fluoride is above 1 lakhs as on 12/12/2016 data from. It affects men, women and children of all age groups.


Goal and objectives


The National Programme for Prevention and Control of Fluorosis aims to prevent and control fluorosis disease in the district Purulia.


1. The objectives of the NPPCF are as follows: to collect assess and use the baseline survey data of fluorosis of ministry of drinking water supply for starting the project.
2. Comprehensive management of fluorosis in selected areas.
3. Capacity building for prevention, diagnosis and management of fluorosis cases.


Expected Outcome


The excepted outcome of the NPPCF in the district will be :

1. Number of fluorosis cases managed and rehabilitated in the programme district.
2. Capacity for laboratory testing for fluoride in urine, Blood and water to be developed.
3. Improve information base for the community and all concerned in the programme blocks.


Programme Activities


1. Community diagnosis of fluorosis village/ blocks/ cluster etc.
2. Facility mapping from prevention health promotion, diagnostic, facilities are constructive surgery and medical rehabilitation point of view village/ blocks/ District wise.
3. Behavioral changes through appropriate IEC strategy.
4. Referrals from severe cases and their follow up.


Name of Fluoride affected Blocks in Purulia District.


1. Chakoltore
2. Kustaur
3. Hura
4. Puncha
5. Manbazar-I
6. Balarampur
7. Barabazar
8. Bagmundi
9. Sirkabad
10. Jhalda
11. Joypur
12. Santuri
13. Neturia
14. Kashipur
15. Para
16. Raghunathpur
17. Banda