Administrative Head Quarter of Department of Health and Family Welfare is situated at Zilla Swasthya Bhawan Campus, Ranchi Road, Purulia. Previously the functioning of this office was controlled from office at Deben Mahato (Sadar) Hospital, Purulia Campus.


There are one Dist Hospital, one Sub-Divisional Hospital, 20 BPHC/RH, 53 PHCs, 485 Sub-Centres in this district. Indoor and outdoor services of one Super Specialty Hospital stated at Raghunathpur SD Campus. At Hatoara another one Super Specialty Hospital started with OPD services where is a provision of Medical College and Hospital.


Students of Medicine, Gynocology, and surgery etc are getting advantage to take degree of DNB at Deben Mahato (Sadar) Hospital. Other facilities like Digital X-Ray, Dialysis, CT scan, C.C.U are available at District Hospital.


Besides District Hospital, all essential services are available at Raghunathpur SDH, all BPHC/ RH and Sub Centre level. All Drugs/Diagnostic services are available free of cost. Pregnant mothers, sick neonates upto one year can avail Matriyan (Nischay Yan) free of cost. All National Programmes are running time to time as & when required as per Government of India as well as Government of West Bengal Guide line.